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16 de Maio de 2019

Dear Family,

This beautiful spring season arrived with special news for all of us!
It is with our hearts full of joy that we share with everyone a dream coming true, one that started 3 years ago – the purchase of a new “home” for SER! It will bring us a bigger, better space, with our own parking lot, more comfort and safety for our activities, especially for Children Education, where our family grows bigger and bigger.?

First of all, we want to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone for their commitment to activities, donations and loans so that we can fulfill this dream!

We believe that within a few weeks we will finalize the purchase of the new venue in Stratford (it is only 9 minutes from the current place). As soon as we have the official moving date, we will communicate in advance, by e-mail, in person, and thru our Social Networks (Facebook, WhatsApp) groups.

Everything is being carefully planned, including the care to ensure the continuity of our activities, and doing so in a peaceful way with harmony, and cooperation, maintaining our unity and alignment during this transition from the current venue to the new one.

In parallel, and with great gratitude, our current venue in Bridgeport will be on sale shortly, with an "on sale" sign and a lockbox on the door. Again, do not worry, it is part of the plan and it is in line with our changeover date.
So, we would like to ask for your collaboration in some ways:

  • By sending many prayers to our center and our SER family. We are all very grateful for what we receive from this point of light, and we pray that the love and unity of all will be the strong point of this happy moment of evolution of our house.
  • By becoming a drop of light into the SER luminous ocean. It is worth remembering that all SER workers are volunteers, who contribute their time to the spiritist cause and all activities are offered free of charge. Our maintenance expenses rely on donations and fundraisers promoted by workers. Besides those regular expenses, due to the acquition of the new place we have incurred a bigger financial commitment including to pay back the loans we contracted.

As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said: We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”.

Therefore, there is no drop too small, each drop is very valuable and equally important, no matter how big it is!
Our drop is the spreading of spiritist knowledge and blessings, and you too can become one!

By making your donation, you help SER continue to keep all services provided to the community, such as study groups, fraternal assistance, child education, spiritist lectures and workshops in the region. Click on the links below according to your preference:

25 Droplets/month | 50 Droplets/month | 100 Droplets/month
150 Droplets/month | 200 Droplets/month

To contribute with other values or payment methods please contact
Thanks in advance to the whole family, and we will keep in touch with more updates!
Thank you Jesus! Thank you Spiritual Benefactors!

SER Board of Directors


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